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Who are Sport Orthotics?

Sport Orthotics are an award winning team of state registered Orthotists and Podiatrists, who are specialists in biomechanical assessments, insoles/orthotics and orthopaedic bracing for the entire body. 

Our Orthotic and biomechanics clinics are based in Hamilton, South Lanarkshire and also our Glasgow city centre dedicated orthotics and biomechanical assessment clinic (in Finnieston around 100 metres from Charing Cross). We provide biomechanical assessment at both our Hamilton and Glasgow clinics.

What are orthotics and what can orthotics do for me?

Orthotics are most commonly used in the form of insoles (or foot orthotics or orthoses) in footwear to help control the mechanics of the foot when people walk or run. However, orthotics (or an orthosis) is the proper term given to supports that are applied in any area of the body to help protect, mobilise or control the body. Our specialist Orthotists and Podiatrists within our biomechanics clinics in Hamilton South Lanarkshire and also Glasgow city centre are specifically trained in assessment and manufacture of custom orthotics for their patients.

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Our Orthotic lab

A unique aspect of our orthotic clinical service is that to compliment our biomechanical assessment service we have our own on site orthotic lab in Hamilton (near Glasgow) which enables us to manufacture, adjust and repair your orthotics even while you wait! This means that should you require your orthotics manufactured at the same time as your biomechanical assessment we can do this. 

Using our own custom built orthotic lab on site at our orthotics and biomechanical assessment clinic in Hamilton (near Glasgow) you will not have the frustration of having orthotics sent backwards and forwards to a supplier to get them comfortable, we do it while you are in clinic on the same day. Not only that but our base at the Treatment Hub in Hamilton (near Glasgow) you will also have access to Physiotherapists, Podiatrists (Chiropodists), and Sports Therapists, who work together to achieve the best possible care. For more information click on the
orthotic lab link.

Our fully comprehensive service includes a full repair and refurishment service for orthotics from all over the country. We receive orthotics from people and professionals other than our own manufcatured orthotics.  Although our main base is in our biomechanics clinic near Glasgow we manufacture and repair orthotics for patients and Podiatrists all over the UK

Such has been the success of our repair service we have set up an additional website to manufactrue and repair for other private orthotic clinics and patients across the UK. For more details click here.

Why choose us?

We know how much of an investment you are making, and we care enough to make sure we get things right.

This is why when you choose us for your orthotics we:

1. We make our own orthotics on site with you in clinic. Our clincians have the ability to manufacture and adjust orthotics while you wait.

2. We provide free unlimited 3 month follow up from the point of receiving your finished orthotics.

3. We don't have an additional charge for your biomechancical assessment. It is included in the cost of your orthotics.

4. We have a fully incusive pricing structure meaning you know how much any treatment costs. Click here for our price list


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Sport Orthotics and The Treatment Hub prides itself on the use of high performance orthotic products and the latest biomechanical assessment technology to help in the design of our custom orthotics. Our custom orthotics are prescribed, designed and manufcatured by our Podiatry and Orthotist clinicians in our premises in Hamilton, South Lanarkshire (near Glasgow).


We provide a friendly and professional service for people of all levels of activity in the Glasgow, Lanarkshire and West of Scotland areas from our base in the Treatment Hub clinic in Hamilton, which is around 9 miles from the city centre of Glasgow. We also have a biomechanics and orthotics assessment clinic in Glasgow city centre, at Fitzroy Place in Finnieston in the heart of Glasgow.



We cater from the elite athlete to the man on the street!

We have many patients in the Glasgow and Central Scotland area across all activity levels. Our clients currently include professional footballers, ultra marathon runners and national level athletes. At the other end of the spectrum we see the average person requiring our help to go about their daily activities.

What is a biomechanical assessment?

A biomechanical assessment is a specialist assessment undertaken to assess the mechanics of movement to establish possible causes for aches, pains and discomfort of the body. The biomechanical assessment is done to understand the root cause of problems to understand the correct approach to treating these problems.

It is very important that the biomechanical assessment is tailored to you, any underlying problems you may have and your activity. For example the way any clinician should assess a long distance runner should not be the same as someone who has had a stroke, or a child with cerebral palsy.

Our Podiatrists and Orthotists at our biomechanics clinic in Hamilton and Glasgow have specialist knowledge and ensure that your biomechanical assessment is appropriate to the patient, their activity level and nature of their problem. Some more in depth information on the type of biomechanical assessments provided are given below. Please click on the pictures below for more information

Our staff


Our staff are Health Care Profesionals Council (HCPC) fully qualified Podiatrists or Orthotists and work in both the NHS and private sectors in the Lanarkshire,Glasgow and West of Scotland area.



We are absolutely 100% committed to the patients that walk through our door and follow up all patients fitted with orthotics for the 3 months after fitting.


Evidence of our commitment to customer satisfaction is The Treatment Hub being awarded the whatclinic.com customer service award 3 years running (2013, 2014 and 2015).


This award is especially important to the team as it is judged purely on customer feedback.