What are normal biomechanics?


Hi there, this information page on abnormal gait  is currently being constructed and will be available soon!

What do I need to do to book an assessment?

We offer a free no obligation biomechanical assessment in our Orthotic and biomechanics clinic in Hamilton (near Glasgow). During this assessment we will give you a detailed assessment of the mechanics of your body.

Sport Orthotics are based within the Treatment Hub clinic in Hamilton near Glasgow and have a wealth of experience in biomechanical assessment, orthotics, sports injuries and Podiatry.

We also have a team of people we work with from Orthopaedic Surgeons, Podiatrists, Sports Therapists, Yoga and Pilates instructors. So if we can't help you we defintiely know someone who can!

How do I book my free no obligation biomechanical assessment?

Our clinics in The Treatment Hub in Hamilton, South Lanarkshire (near Glasgow) operate an online booking system for all 3 of our bioemchanics specialists. To book your free bioemchanical assessment click on the link below and select the clinician diary you wish to access